L’invention du dessin


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Description du produit

Dimensions 190 × 127 mm




env. 1800



Rapport de condition (seulement disponible en anglais)

Good condition. Paper slightly browned and slightly soiled. Some creasing. A short left margin. Verso: blank. Mounted onto modern paper.

Note: a nice etching by Jean-Pierre Norblin de la Gourdaine (1745-1830). Whereas it is clearly made in the manner of Rembrandt, we were not able to trace any 17th century original. Most likely this print is the own work of Norblin de la Gourdaine in the style of Rembrandt. The man and woman in the etching show clear resemblance with Rembrandt and Saskia. For this reason, we have included it in our stock. The etching is dated 1775, but most likely this is a slightly later impression on oriental paper.

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